Young Children With Bikes And Scooters In Park

About Us

Our office has been dealing with issues of public safety for 25+ years, and we believe in doing everything in our power to help individuals and their families while making a positive difference in their lives. Each day, we come across a number of safety issues and ways people can get hurt through no fault of their own. We have found that many incidents involving children being injured are actually preventable on the front-end, if only those involved are aware of some of the issues and things to look out for.

This section is designed to be a resource for all members of the community – parents, children, family members, leaders, educators, mentors, community stakeholders, and more. Promoting awareness and education regarding safety issues has always been important to us, and we realize achieving this goal is a team effort involving all aspects of society. Many of our team members have young children, so this cause is near and dear to us. All children in our communities deserve to live safe and fulfilling lives, and that comes with taking basic steps to keep them out of harm’s way. Simply put, we want to help kids be safe.

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz has offices in Tennessee (Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville), Mississippi (Tupelo, Jackson), and Arkansas (Little Rock, Jonesboro). Each day, our team is dedicated to helping individuals and their families through difficult times in their lives. Over the years, many of the matters we have handled have resulted in real and positive changes in the community, and it is our goal that this section of our website will do the same.